Small Business Capital Solutions

                                    FUNDING STRATEGY PARTNERS, LLC

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Capital is the life blood of any business, but it is especially critical to small businesses. Without access to capital, they can’t grow, add employees, expand product lines, or fund large expenses.  Lack of adequate funding can threaten a small business’ very existence. 

The capital market for small businesses today is dominated by private lenders, who can make capital available, often very quickly, when banks and other traditional lenders will not.  

This source of easy capital does have its limitations, however.  Prices are often high, re-payment terms can be short, and typically payments are debited directly from borrowers' accounts - every day.  There may comes a time when small businesses have had too much of a good thing.

Funding Strategy Partners' goal is to help small businesses create a capital solution which allows small businesses to thrive. We assess your current and future financial 
state and then help you determine a sustainable debt level, manageable re-payment schedule, and appropriate terms.

Funding Strategy Partners will consider companies with total debt ranging from $100,000 to $1.5 million. 


“Leverage is addictive.” 


- Warren Buffet